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Congratulations on receiving your SBC Core system!

Below is a summary of key steps needed to get yourSBC up and ready for provisioning.

Create an IP plan

An IP plan helps you to gather configuration details, such as the IP addresses that the SBC 5000 series will use for its management ports, media ports and its next hop router. The media ports are used for SIP and RTP traffic.

For help with completing an IP Plan, see Creating an IP Plan.

Install the Hardware

For step-by-step instructions, see the appropriate page:

Configure the Field Service Port and Management Port IP address

The Field Service Port (FSP) is an Ethernet port located on the back of the SBC. This port allows you to access the SBC Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) web page.

The BMC allows for system monitoring, power control, and configuring the Management Ports of the SBC. For step-by-step instructions, see the appropriate page:


Install SBC Application software

See Installing SBC Application for step-by-step instructions.

Install licenses

See Managing SBC Licenses for license descriptions and usage.

See System Administration - License Management to install licenses from EMA UI, or EMS User Guide, "SBC Maintenance" section to install licenses from the EMS License Manager tool.

Configure your system

You are now ready to configure your SBC for processing!

A large amount of information is needed to configure your platform. Use the Creating an IP Plan to help manage this information.

If you would like to set up a basic call flow to test your configuration, see How to Set up a Basic Call Flow.