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Perform the following steps to login to the BMC:

  1. Use PuTTY or other terminal emulator to connect to the SBC server on port 22.

    Figure : PuTTY Terminal



    Alternatively, simply enter the BMC IP address in a web browser address bar.

  2. At the login prompt, enter login ID and password. The default login / password is root / superuser.

    Figure : BMC Login Prompt

  3. If a wrong password is entered, an "Invalid Authentication" message is displayed.

    Figure : Invalid Authentication

  4. After four unsuccessful attempts the User ID is locked. Try to login after 60 seconds.

    Figure : User is locked

    After successful login, the BMC window opens defaulted to System Information tab as shown in the following example.

    Figure : BMC - System Information Tab

Brute-Force Attacks