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The SBC 5000 series and SBC 7000 servers are pre-installed with three platform software components; BMC firmware, BIOS firmware and ConnexIP Operating System (OS). The user is only initially required to install the SBC Application software. The SBC application package is a compressed Qcow2 file located in /opt/sonus/external directory of the SBC Platform. The application package is uploaded using the Platform Manager application, and installed on SBC from the Platform Manager GUI. Refer to Installing SBC Application for details.

New updates to the pre-installed components and application software become available as part of the normal software maintenance cycle. Sonus recommends always using the latest version of all firmware and software components for optimum performance and to take advantage of the latest enhancements. Download the software or firmware updates from the Salesforce customer portal to upgrade your system. Refer to "Downloading the Software from SalesForce" for guidance.

Before installing the SBC 5000/7000 series application software, the SBC hardware must be racked, cabled and powered up according to procedures provided in Installing SBC 5000 Series Hardware or Installing SBC 7000 Series Hardware, as applicable.

For any hardware or software installation questions, contact the Sonus TAC.

User Dedicated Home Directory

SBC dedicates a "home" directory (/home/user) to each user. The other user do not have permissions to access specific user's "home" directory. This enables the users to perform such tasks as upload/download scripts and CLI logs to and from their dedicated work space without any concerns that this information will be visible to other users or risk overwriting other users files.

All new application management users (except default admin user) are assigned a unique home directory (/home/user) with read/write permission only given to the user. The default admin user will maintain use of /home/administrator as home directory with Administrator group read/write permission for backward compatibility. Also, application management users created prior to upgrading to SBC Core 6.0 will have their own unique home directory created as part of the upgrade.

Users can connect to the SBC using Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP), but access is limited to their home directory and linked shared group directories such as Administrator/, config/, evlog/, and external/.

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