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SBC 5400 Platform CRUs

 Sonus provides the following Customer Replaceable Units (CRUs) which are, as the name implies, replaceable by the customer on site.

Table : SBC 5400 Platform CRUs


Equipment Requirement


Fan Assembly

Three cooling fan assemblies located behind the front bezel.

Solid State Drive

Solid State Disk (SSD) storage accessible from rear of the chassis.

Air Filter

Located within the front bezel assembly for filtering the air drawn into the chassis by the cooling fans.


Single or Multi mode fiber transceivers (LC type connector) or copper SFP/SFP+ used for Ethernet connections to Media ports and HA ports.

Power Supply

Up to two DC or AC power supplies accessible from rear of chassis.


Secures replaceable air filter to front of the chassis and contains the LED status indicators.

DSP2xDSP2x Signal Processing Cards (plug-in module with a high capacity DSP card).

DSP2x Signal Processing Cards

The Signal Processing Server (SPS) for the SBC 5400 provides increased signal processing capabilities by incorporating the latest DSP technology.

The DSP2x cards contain the actual DSP processing resources. The SBC 5400 includes four DSP slots. The DSP modules are hot swappable and installable/replaceable in the field.

FPGA Reprogramming for DSP2x Module

The DSP2x module includes a Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) that may occasionally require reprogramming. The reprogramming is fully autonomous and occurs during system reboot process. The only noticeable effect to the system is a slight increase to the duration of the system reboot. For each DSP2x installed, expect an additional 1-2 minutes added to the length of a normal reboot process.

Log messages pertaining to FPGA reprogramming are stored in the following files:

  • sbx_start.log_(timestamp) file is located in /var/log/sonus/sbx/openclovis directory. This file contains all logs related to system startup as well as a log of other scripts that call this FPGA reprogramming utility.
  • /var/log/messages file.

The ESD Susceptibility symbol warns of the presence of Sonus devices susceptible to electrostatic discharge. Do not handle equipment without wearing a properly grounded ESD wrist strap.

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