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The SBC Core supports SNMPv3 which includes three important services: Authentication, Privacy, and Access Control. The Secret-Key authentication mechanism in SNMPv3 ensures that a received message is transmitted to the principal whose identifier appears as the source in the message header. In addition, this mechanism ensures that the message was not altered in transit and that it was not artificially delayed or replayed.

 When the SBC is deployed in the network along with the EMS, the SNMP Protocol is used for the following functions:

  1. The SBC sends traps to the SNMP manager (EMS)
  2. The EMS sends SNMP requests to collect real time and periodic statistics

The SBC may be configured to support either SNMPv1 and v2, or SNMPv3 only using the OAM command from EMA or CLI. The CLI syntax is shown below.

% set oam snmp version <v1v2c | v3only>


Refer to How to Enable SNMPv3 for configuration details.

For additional SNMP command details, refer to:


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