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The SBC SWe Cloud configuration is created using the EMS and an SBC Configurator.

  • The SBC Configurator and SBC SWe Cloud application are instantiated using a similar method. The SBC Configuration Manager is used to configure the SBC SWe Cloud, which is similar to the existing EMA GUI for hardware SBCs.
  • The EMS provides an interface for sourcing SBC CLI scripts into the Configurator. Once the configuration is created or modified, it is saved and uploaded to the EMS catalog.

Configurations created for SBC SWe Cloud cluster are similar to configurations created for an individual SBC SWe Cloud instance with few restrictions. As configuration is shared with all instances in a cluster, it must not contain any instance-specific information.


While it is possible to create an IP interface with a specific IP address, or a SIP signaling port with an IP address, such a configuration is not used in a cluster. Instead, IP interfaces and SIP signaling ports are configured dynamically. In such cases, the particular SBC SWe Cloud instance using the configuration learns the IP addressing from the environment rather than the configuration allowing the same configuration to be used across all instances. 

For more information on SBC configuration management using a cluster, refer to the EMS document Managing an SBC SWe Cluster.

Partial Configuration

The configuration content of SBC nodes is too large to distribute, hence the configurations are partially distributed. For more information on partial configuration, refer to the EMS document Partial Configurations.

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