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This section explains the prerequisites and the configurations to be done on the SBC Configurator and PSX Manager so that the SBC has the view of the PSX cluster and the PSX has the view of the SBC cluster. It also explains the configuration steps in the SBC Configurator to add the FQDN and PSX Manager to set the SBC clusters as gateways.


  • EMS instance is up and running
  • PSX Master instance is up and running
  • SBC Configurator is up and running

SBC Configuration

The PSX instances within a cluster must be visible to the instances within the SBC cluster. When a new instance is created, it will query the PSX using FQDN. Registering the PSX cluster FQDN in the Remote Policy Server instead of the IP address in the configurator manager allows the SBC to have a view of the PSX instances within the cluster.

The configurations made in the Configurator node are passed on to all SBC nodes in the cluster. To configure SBC clusters as gateways in the PSX SWe Manager, refer to "Configuring SBC Cluster ID as Gateway" in the PSX documentation

Configuring the Remote Policy Server in SBC


  1. Log on to the EMS SWe and open the Cluster/VNF Management.

  2. Create a cluster for SBC SWe. Select the created cluster and Click the Configurations tab. The following screen appears:

    Figure : Cluster/VNF Management

  3. Click New Configuration. The following screen appears:

    Figure : SBC Manager Home Page

    The details of the Configurator is visible when the Configurator instance is spawned through HEAT Template on OpenStack as well as Application Orchestrator in EMS.

  4. Click Create. The following screen appears:

    Figure : SBC SWe Configuration Create

  5. Click Open Editor. The SBC Configurator GUI is displayed:

    Figure : SBC Configuration Manager Home Page

  6. Navigate through All > System > PolicyServer > LocalServer. Select the PSX_LOCAL_SERVER. Change the State to Disabled and Mode as Out of Service.

  7. Click Save.

    Figure : Local Server

  8. The created Local Server is displayed.

    Figure : Created Local Server

  9. Navigate through All > System > Policy Server > Remote Policy Server. The following screen appears:

    Figure : Remote Policy Server

  10. Click New Remote Server and add the required values, for example:

    1. Enter Name as Cluster name (PSX_15).

    2. Enter FQDN of PSX Cluster, for example "".

    3. Check the radio button for Enabled.

    4. Change the Mode to Standby.

      Figure : Remote Policy Server Values

    5. Click Save.

      Figure : Remote Policy Server List

    6. Create another Remoter Server with the following details:

      • Name: PSX_14
      • FQDN: (example)
      • Mode: Active

The PSX Master cluster FQDN is added to the SBC Configurator.


You can configure either the FQDN or IP address, but not both.

maxPolicyServerCount is the number of IP addresses the SBC picks and registers with from the FQDN resolution result. The default value is 1.

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