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Specifies whether the Flags should be enabled or not.

To View and Edit Flags

On SBC main screen, navigate to All > Profiles > Media > Tone And Announcement Profile > Local Ring Back Tone > Flags.

Select the desired Tone And Announcement Profile from the drop-down list to view its respective Flags parameters.

The Flags window is displayed.

Figure : Profile Management - Media Profiles - Local Ring Back Tone - Flags


To view the flag Annoucement Based Tones, the option Signaling Tone Package State must be enabled in Local Ring Back Tone.


The following fields are displayed:

Table : Flags Parameters

Parameter Description
Use This Lrbt For Egress

Specifies Lrbt state of the Egress:

  • Disable (default)

  • Enable
Use This Lrbt For Ingress

Specifies Lrbt state of the Ingress:

  • Disable (default)

  • Enable
Dynamic LRBT

Use this flag to play tone locally on receipt of 180 with SDP, until RTP is received from the remote peer. 

  • Disable (default)

  • Enable
Force LRBT

Use this flag to play tone locally on receipt of any 18x with or without SDP, until 200 OK (INVITE) or UPDATE is received from the remote peer.

  • Disable (default)

  • Enable
Announcement Based Tones

Use this flag to play tones as announcements by using stored files. This mode does not use DSP resources.

  • Disable (default)
  • Enable

NOTE: If this flag is disabled, the SBC uses DSP (TNAPAD) to generate and play tones.

Make the required changes and click Save at the right hand bottom of the panel to save the changes made.