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Use this object to define ingress IP prefixes. Up to 128 ingressIpPrefix entries may be assigned to a SIP trunk group. Ingress peers matching these ingress IP prefixes are assigned to the specified SIP trunk group.


As a best practice, always use UPPERCASE for trunk group names.

Command Syntax

% set addressContext <name> zone <name> sipTrunkGroup <name> ingressIpPrefix <IP address + prefix>

Command Parameters

Table : SIP Trunk Group Ingress IP Prefix Parameters

ingressIpPrefixThe ingress peers matching this ingress IP and prefix will be assigned to this SIP trunk group. Enter IPv4 or IPv6 address in the following format:
  • IPv4 – Specifies the V4 IP address in dotted decimal form (for example 24).
  • IPv6 – The V6 IP address in hexadecimal/colon form (for example, fd00:21:445:128::7880 64).
  • prefixLength – The number of bits in the address which form the network part of the IP address. The remaining bits (128 – prefix length) specify the host part of the IP address (range: 0-128, default value is 32).

    Modified: for 6.2.2