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Modified: for 6.2.1




This object is accessible only in SBC SWe and Cloud environments.

This section contains the name of active profile and time-stamp of activation.

To View Swe Active Profile

On the SBC main screen, go to System > Security >Swe Active Profile. The Swe Active Profile window is displayed.

Figure : SWe Active Profile


To Set Swe Active Profile

Standard profiles make some assumptions regarding the traffic model and hence may not be the optimal profile for the deployment of the I-SBC. Please create a custom traffic profile that matches the actual traffic offered to the I-SBC to get the maximum capacity.


Select the profile to activate from the Name drop-down list.   

Figure : SWe Active Profile List

The parameters displayed are:

Table : Swe Active Profile Parameters


The SWe Active Profile Name.

  • default - By default, non-cloud instances comes up with default profile. This profile retains the SBC SWe behavior of earlier releases (5.0.x and 5.1.x), where signaling and media vCPUs  overlapped.
  • standard_signaling_profile - This profile utilizes the vCPUs for signaling (direct media) calls and it is auto-configured on the Cloud based S-SBC instance.
  • standard_passthrough_profile - This profile utilizes the vCPUs for passthrough calls.
  • standard_transcoding_profile - This profile utilizes the vCPUs for transcoding calls.
  • standard_callmix_profile - This profile supports call mix which contain a combination of 90% pass-through and 10% transcoding.
  • standard_msbc_profile - The purpose of this profile is to utilize the vCPUs primarily for passthrough calls. This profile gets auto-configured on Cloud based M-SBC instance.
  • standard_highcps_callmix_profile - This profile is similar to standard passthrough profile with higher CPS.
State Change ValueThe time-stamp of profile activation

  1. Click Save to activate the profile. 
  2. The dialog box pops-up for confirmation. Click Yes to activate the selected profile.

    Figure : SWe Active Profile Activation Dialog




To activate the profile, the system is rebooted. All active calls are lost during this process.