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This object displays call CDR configuration.

Records are always written to the local disk.

On SBC main screen, go to Administration > Accounting and Logs > Admin. The Cdr Admin window is displayed.

Figure : Accounting and Logs - Edit Cdr Admin Window

The fields displayed are:

Table : Edit Cdr Admin Window




Generation Mode

The type of calls for which accounting records should be logged on this SBC 5000 series:

  • origination (default)—Log accounting records for which this SBC 5000 series is the originating gateway.
  • destination—Log accounting records for which this SBC 5000 series is the destination gateway.
  • allcalls—Log accounting records for all calls.
  • none—Log no accounting records.
    For SIP and H323 calls, accounting records are generated for all calls (ingress and egress), unless this value is none.

Intermediate Acct State

Specifies whether Intermediate Accounting is Enabled or Disabled for the Node.

Options are:

  • enabled
  • disabled (default)

Intermediate Acct Interval

This configures the intermediate accounting interval in seconds.

This object is only applicable when sonusAcctIntAcctMode is set to interval(1).

Second Stage Inherit First Stage

Enable flag to allow second stage accounting records for two stage calls to inherit fields from the first stage call.

Options are:

  • false (default)
  • true

Populate Non-ported LNP Numbers

Enable flag to populate the Called Number Before Translation field in the accounting record for a number for which an LNP lookup was performed and lookup indicated that number has not been ported.

Options are:

  • false
  • true (default)

Intermediate Acct Mode

Specifies the method by which intermediate records are generated.

Options are:

  • interval (default)—Generate an intermediate record for each intermediateAcctInterval seconds throughout the call.
  • telcordia—Generate an intermediate record whenever the call exceeds the configured intermediateLongDurThreshold value (in hours) and the intermediateLongDurGenTime (of day) is reached.

Intermediate Long Dur Gen Time

Specifies Octet string that identifies the GMT time to generate Telcordia Long Duration accounting records.

The format is 00:00:00.0 where each field is:

field octets   contents      range   
----- -------  ------------  -----
1       1      hour          0..23
2       2      minutes       0..59
3       3      seconds       0..60 (use 60 for leap-second)
4       4      deci-seconds  0..9

Start Acct State

Specifies whether Start Accounting is Enabled or Disabled for the Node.

Options are:

  • Enabled(default)
  • Disabled
Event Acct State

Enable flag to generate EVENT records for OOD SUBSCRIBE, REFER, NOTIFY, REGISTER, OPTIONS, MESSAGE and PUBLISH event records. CDRs are logged when OPTIONS is relayed to the egress side.

  • Disabled (default)
  • Enabled
Event Acct PSX Info State

Log event records containing PSX information, such as PSX Congestion level, PSX Processing Time, Policy Response Call Type, PSX Billing Info, Route Label.

  • Disabled (default)
  • Enabled

Intermediate Trap State

Specifies whether a trap will be generated whenever an INTERMEDIATE record is generated.

Options are:

  • enabled
  • disabled

Populate Remote GSX Info State

Specifies whether a destination SBC 5000 series propagates its billing data to originating GSX for GW-GW calls.

Options are:

  • enabled
  • disabled(default)

Early Attempt State

Specifies whether or not to generate early ATTEMPT records. An early ATTEMPT record is associated with an early call disconnect, before the request is sent.

Options are:

  • enabled (default) - Do not generate early ATTEMPT records.
  • disabled - Generate early ATTEMPT records.

Intermediate Long Dur Threshold

Specifies the Accounting INTERMEDIATE Records Duration (in hours). Must be 1-24; default is 24. This parameter is only applicable when intermediate records mode is set to telcordia. The INTERMEDIATE record is generated for each call whose duration exceeds this threshold on long duration generation time.

Send Egress CDR Info on Receipt

Specifies whether or not to send the egress CDR information immediately after receiving and processing it.

Options are:

  • false(default)
  • true

Populate IP TG Far End Switch Type

Specifies whether or not to use Ingress Far End Switch Type passed down from PSX IP TG for SIP ingress calls.

Options are:

  • enabled
  • disabled(default)

Max Record Sequence Num

Specifies the maximum length of the Record Sequence Number field in the CDR.

Options are:

  • uint16 (default)—16-bit record sequence number 0 to 65535.
  • uint32—32-bit record sequence number 0 to 4294967295.

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