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To configure the SBC 5xx0/5400/7000 for a basic call flow when the SBC is configured to use the PSX requires configuration steps on both the SBC and PSX. Follow the guidelines below.

  1. Configure the following elements using the steps from Basic Call Flow Using ERE:
    1. Zone
    2. SIP Signaling Port
    3. Trunk Group

  2. Accomplish the steps listed in Configuring SBC for External PSX page.

  3. Configure external PSX as remote server using the management IP address of the external PSX:

    % set system policyServer remoteServer <softswitch name> ipAddress <external PSX mgmt IP address> state enabled mode active 

  4. Configure PSX for a basic SIP call to include following (see PSX Provisioning Guide in Documentation and Support Portal for details):
    1. Create the Gateway entry for the SBC using the system name.

    2. Ceate the Trunk Group entries to match the trunk groups that have been created on the ERE.

    3. Create at least one carrier entry, even if its just some default entry.

    4. Create IP Signaling Peer Group.

    5. Create the Routing Label.

    6. Create the Standard Route entry (or entries).

    7. Ensure the carrier created is added to the default Softswitch entry.