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The ERE (Embedded Route Engine) supports number translations based on host part (contains a fully-qualified domain name) of the SIP headers. IP addresses format is not supported for host-part lookup. It is always recommended to use the fully-qualified domain name. The SBC retrieves the destination domain from the various SIP headers and sends it to ERE as part of the policy request. The domain name look-up is case insensitive and partial matches are supported, while first priority is always for full match.

The supported destination domain SIP headers are:

  • INVITE Message, R-URI Header
  • INVITE Message, TO Header
  • 3XX Message, Contact Header

How to Configure CNAM (ENUM) Dip Criteria

The following steps outline how to configure CNAM (ENUM) Dip Criteria

Configuring CNAM (ENUM) Trigger Criteria

set profiles digitParameterHandling numberTranslationCriteria CR1 calledUri Sonus_NULL Sonus_NULL Sonus_NULL lookupType enumCnam

Configuring ENUM Service

set global servers enumService ENUMSER1 criteria triggerCriteria CR1

Configuring Service Type

set global servers enumService ENUMSER1 defaultTreatment applyFinalTreatment serviceType cnam flags active enable

Configuring ENUM Domain Name and Address

set global servers enumDomainName forwardersData 1 forwarderIP forwarderDescription test

Configuring Private Domain Name

set global servers enumService ENUMSER1 enumDefinitions privateDomainNameForEnumLookups
set global servers enumDomainNameLabel DEFAULT_ZONE_LABEL enumDomainNameId

Configuring Ip Access Control List

set addressContext default ipAccessControlList rule ENUM sourceIpAddress action accept sourceAddressPrefixLength 32 precedence 1 state enabled


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