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The basic commands to configure a gateway on SBC using an IPv6 link are shown below.

GW signaling port limitations:

  • Create the GW signaling port under the default address context and within the 'defaultSigZone'.
  • GW signaling port must use an ID of "1".


The SBC 52x0 and SBC 7000 systems support creating IP Interface Groups containing sets of IP interfaces that are not "processor friendly" (i.e. carried on physical Ethernet ports served by separate processors). However, restrictions exist regarding the usage of such Interface Groups.

(This ability does not apply to the SBC 51x0 and SBC 5400 systems which have only two physical media ports. IP interfaces from the two physical ports may be configured within the same IP Interface Groups without restriction.)

For complete details, refer to Configuring IP Interface Groups and Interfaces.

  1. Configure an IP interface with an IPv6 address:

    % set addressContext default ipInterfaceGroup LIFG1 ipInterface LIF_1 ceName SBX1-1 portName pkt0 ipAddress prefix 16 altIpAddress fc00::3200:0:0:113:1 altPrefix 64
  2. Configure an IPv6 signaling port under the default address context and zone:

    % set addressContext default zone defaultSigZone gwSigPort 1 ipAddress fc00::3200:0:0:113:99 ipInterfaceGroupName LIFG1 state enabled mode inService

    The configuration will fail if the specified IP address is set to 'loopback', 'link local' or 'unspecified', or is an IPv4-mapped IPv6 address.

  3. Configure a GW trunk group under the default address context and zone with an ingress prefix on the egress GW:

    % set addressContext default zone defaultSigZone gwTrunkGroup GW_TG state enabled mode inService ingressIpPrefix fc00::3200:0:0:112:99 128
  4. SBC must use an external policy server to run GW-GW calls. Hence disable the internal policy server and configure an external policy server: 

    % set system policyServer localServer PSX_LOCAL_SERVER mode outOfService state disabled 
    % set system policyServer remoteServer PSX_REMOTE_SERVER ipAddress mode active state enabled
  5. Configure an SNMP target to view the new IPv6 GW link traps:

    % set oam snmp trapTarget trapDest ipAddress port 162 state enabled trapType v2

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