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The SBC uses logical signaling ports (IP addresses) mapped to the IP interfaces along with the signaling address of the originating peer to select an ingress Trunk Group. The following CLI examples depict creating interface groups and assigning logical management interfaces.


The SBC 52x0 and SBC 7000 systems support creating IP Interface Groups containing sets of IP interfaces that are not "processor friendly" (i.e. carried on physical Ethernet ports served by separate processors). However, restrictions exist regarding the usage of such Interface Groups.

(This ability does not apply to the SBC 51x0 and SBC 5400 systems which have only two physical media ports. IP interfaces from the two physical ports may be configured within the same IP Interface Groups without restriction.)

For complete details, refer to Configuring IP Interface Groups and Interfaces.

Create Interface Groups

% set addressContext default  
% set addressContext default ipInterfaceGroup INTERNAL_IPIG  
% set addressContext default ipInterfaceGroup EXTERNAL_IPIG  
% commit

Assign Logical Management Interfaces

% set system logicalMgmtIpInterface MANAGEMENT.LOGICAL mgmtIpInterfaceGroupName mgmtGroup ipAddress <ipAddress>
% commit
set system logicalMgmtIpInterface  MANAGEMENT LOGICAL state enabled
% commit


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