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The BMC web application allows provisioning of primary and secondary host management interfaces. When the host management interfaces are configured, a direct link from BMC is enabled to the EMA for installing and upgrading the SBC 7000 application.

Use the following procedure to configure the primary and secondary host management interfaces:

  1. Log on to SBC BMC GUI using the IP address configured in the previous section. The SBC BMC main screen appears.

    Figure : BMC Main Screen

  2. Navigate to Configuration > Platform Management Network tab. The Platform Management Network Settings screen is displayed.

    Figure : Configuration Screen


    A message appears to enter the management IP addresses for the first time installation. 

    Figure : Warning Message

  3. Click OK.

  4. Configure the following network settings for both the Management Interface 0 and 1.

    - IPv4 Address or/and IPv6 Address
    - Prefix
    - Default Gateway

  5. Click Save.

    Figure : Platform Management Network Settings


    When coming from an application software release prior to SBC 3.1.x, an IPv4-mapped IPv6 address is applied as an unusable placeholder in the IPv6 management address, this mapped address must be removed or set to a valid IPv6 address when updating the management addresses via BMC. 


    If you are updating a new Management IP address through BMC and click Save, reinstall the SBC application software (see the message appears in the below figure). Updating management IP using CLI/EMS/EMA will get updated automatically in BMC and re-installation is not required. 

    Figure : Warning Message

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