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Prior releases supported the use of a dedicated SBC Configurator cluster to configure other SBC SWe clusters. This approach is replaced by using one of the SBC nodes within the cluster, referred to as the "Headend" SBC, to configure the other nodes. While the SBC Configurator currently remains supported for backward compatibility, it will be deprecated in a subsequent release. Beginning with release 7.1, use the Headend SBC configuration model described in this topic.

As part of installing SBC SWe Cloud deployments, you create signaling and media SBC clusters in the EMS GUI just prior to instantiating the SBC nodes. This makes it possible for the nodes to register with the EMS after instantiation so they can be managed and configured using the EMS. The final step in the installation process is to create the initial configuration for the cluster using the SBC Configuration Manager which is accessed through the EMS. This configuration for the cluster is created on one of the SBC nodes within the cluster, referred to as the "Headend" SBC, and then the EMS pushes the configuration to other nodes.

Following the initial configuration you can update the cluster configuration when needed, again using the SBC Configuration Manager accessed through the EMS. During this process the EMS selects a node in the cluster to act as its Headend SBC on which you create a candidate configuration. When you save the configuration in the SBC Configuration Manager, the EMS again activates and pushes the candidate configuration to other nodes in the cluster.

Updating SBC SWe Cluster Configuration  

The following procedure describes how to update SBC SWe cluster configuration using the EMS. For more information on creating, managing, and configuring SBC SWe clusters, see the pages under Managing an SBC SWe Cluster in EMS documentation.

  1. Log on to the EMS.
  2. Click Network > Cluster Management. The Cluster Management / Manage VNFs window opens listing the SBC clusters registered with the EMS.

    Figure : Cluster Management / Manage VNFs window

  3. Click the radio button adjacent to the name of the cluster you want to configure. The Details tab for the selected cluster opens. 
  4. Click the Configurations tab. 

    Figure : Cluster Configurations Tab

  5. Click Create Candidate Configuration. 

    Figure : Cluster Configurations Tab - Create Candidate Configuration

  6. Ensure the option selected for Create Candidate Configuration from is Headend. This is the default.
  7. Click Load Editor. The SBC Configuration Manager opens where you can make configuration changes. See the EMA User Guide for information on configuring the SBC. 

    Figure : SBC Configuration Manager Window


Once you have completed making configuration changes, click Save at the top of the SBC Configuration Manager window. When prompted, confirm that you want to save all your changes, push the configuration to all nodes in the cluster, and activate the configuration. 

Within the Cluster Management / Manage VNFs window, the Cluster Status column for the cluster displays All nodes online and Activation Complete, once the configuration is successfully activated.