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The EMS uses the EMS CALEA user role for all LI configuration operations and the admin user for communicating over netconf to the SBC. The EMS creates the SBC CALEA user credentials automatically when an SBC registers to the EMS. Cloud SBC instances are registered dynamically in the EMS.


A single CDC configuration is supported per cluster. The S-SBC does not support creation of a mediation server.


To configure the Call Data Channel (CDC) for a cloud S-SBC instance:

Configuring CDC using the EMS CALEA User Account

The LI Call Data Channel must be configured on the S-SBC to indicate that it supports interception. For LI, the CDC configuration is performed using the CDC Configuration Manager through the EMS. You can create CDC information only when logged in as the EMS CALEA user from the EMS CDC configuration window.

Configure Cluster CDC for Cloud S-SBC Nodes

To configure a cluster CDC for cloud S-SBC nodes:

  1. Log into EMS as an admin user.
  2. Launch the SBC Configuration Manager for the Head End SBC. Refer to Configuring an SBC SWe Cluster using the EMS for more information.
  3. Launch another EMS session as the CALEA user.
  4. Under Network Mgmnt, click Lawful Intercept. The Lawful Intercept CDC Provisioning window is displayed.
  5. Click the Cluster CDC tab. The Cluster CDC pane is displayed.

    Figure : Cluster CDC Tab

    The following parameters are displayed:

    Table : Cluster Configuration Parameters

    Locked ConfigurationSpecifies the configuration name.
    Configuration RoleSpecifies the type of the configuration role. The roles are Default and Alternate.
    ClusterSpecifies the name of the cluster.
    Master ConfiguratorSpecifies the name of the locked master configurator instance.

  6. Select the S-SBC cluster.
  7. Click Launch CDC Configuration Manager. The SBC Configuration Manager window is displayed. 

    Figure : Launch CDC Configuration Manager

  8. Create a call data channel (Proceed to Creating Call Data Channel for S-SBC below).

Creating a Call Data Channel for the S-SBC

To create a new call data channel:

  1. In the SBC Configuration Manager window, navigate to Configuration > Intercept > Call Data Channel. The Call Data Channel window is displayed.

    Figure : Call Data Channel for S-SBC


     You can configure LI using the default Address Context only.

  2. Select default from the Address Context drop-down menu.

    Figure : Call Data Channel for M-SBC

  3. Click New Call Data Channel. The Create New Call Data Channel window is displayed.

  4. Specify the following values:

    1. Name: Enter a name for the CDC configuration object.

    2. Intercept Standard: Select packetcable from the drop-down menu.

    3. Vendor ID: Select ss8 from the drop-down menu.

      Figure : Create CDC

      Table : Call Data Channel Parameters

      NameSpecifies the name of the CDC configuration object.
      Intercept StandardSpecifies the intercept standard to use.
      Vendor IdSpecifies the vendor of the LI server.

  5. Click Save. The object is created successfully.

  6. Click OK.

  7. Click Save at the top of the SBC Configuration Manager window when you have completed making configuration changes. When prompted, confirm that you want to save all your changes and push the configuration to all nodes in the cluster. 

  8. Return to the EMS session containing the SBC Configuration Manager for the Head End SBC and click Save and Activate.

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