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The Digit Parameter Handling feature allows you to configure criteria for applying DM/PM (digit manipulation/parameter manipulation) rules. You can also use this entity to define criteria for applying URI manipulation rules.

For digit manipulation, the matching criteria can be digits in the calling or called numbers, out pulse numbers from SCP queries, generic numbers, and so on. For example, you can provision the Policy Server to check if the first three digits of the calling number are 617, or to check if digits 4 through 6 are 723.

For parameter manipulation, the matching criteria is based on the specified parameter type. For example, you can provision the Policy Server to match a specified Calling Party Category (CPC), or match a specified Originating Line Information Parameter (OLIP) value.

There is also a URI parameter type used to match the contents of the specified URI type.


% set profiles digitParameterHandling 
	dmPmCriteria <dmPmCriteria_id>  
	dmPmRule <dmPmRule_id> 
	numberTranslationCriteria <numberTranslationCriteria> 
	numberingPlan <numberingPlan> 
	prefixProfile <prefixProfile>


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