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Login Using Web Browser

To Access SBC EMA GUI:

  1. Open a supported Browser and type in the address bar the management IP address of SBC machine (for example, that you would like to access prefixed with "https//" for secured login. The login screen appears.

    Figure : EMA Mode - Login Screen

  2. For the first time login attempt, by default, the credentials for Admin type of user is:


    Password: admin

  3. Add the credentials and click Log In. You are directed to change your password immediately. The Reset Password window appears.

    Figure : Reset Password

    The rules to set your new password is also provided in the same window. For more information on Password Rules, refer to Users and Application Management - Application Management.

  4. Add the new password and click Log In to enter SBC EMA GUI.The Last Login Information window appears informing you about previous successful and unsuccessful login attempts.

    Figure : Last Login Information

  5. Click OK to proceed. By default, SBC EMA GUI directs you to Monitoring > Dashboard > System Status window.

    Figure : Default Login Window

Change Password

You cannot change a password for a user more than once on the same calendar day.

Only the password for an admin user can be changed more than once on the same calendar day.

To change the password for a user:

  1. In the login window, click . The login window displays additional fields to enter a new password.

    Figure : EMA Mode - Login Screen

  2. Enter the username for which you wish to change the password.

  3. Enter the current password.
  4. Enter the new password.

  5. Confirm the new new password and click  to enter SBC EMA GUI. For more information on Password Rules, refer to Configure Password.

    Figure : Change Password

If you try to change the password for any non-admin user more than once on the same day, the following error message is displayed:

User changed password already once in the calendar day

Figure : Password Change Restriction

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