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Use this object to configure various metrics/parameters related to Call Admission Controls.

On the SBC main screen, navigate to All > Address Context > Zone > Gw Trunk Group > CAC.

  1. The CAC window is displayed.

    Figure : CAC - Edit CAC

  2. Select Address Context, Zone and Gw Trunk Group from their respective drop-down lists.
  3. The Edit CAC window is displayed.
  4. Make necessary changes and click Save. Click Clear to cancel the changes.

The parameters displayed on the Edit CAC window are:

Table : Edit CAC - Parameter Description Table

Call LimitTotal number of concurrent calls (0-2147483647, or unlimited), either ingress or egress, that are allowed. (default=unlimited)
Bandwidth LimitThe total media bandwidth limit (0-2147483647, or unlimited), in Kbits/sec. (default=unlimited)
Emergency OversubscriptionThe percentage (0-1000) of resource oversubscription allowed for emergency calls. (default=10)
Hpc OversubscriptionThis parameter specifies the amount of resource over-subscription (0-100), as a percentage, that are allowed for HPC. When the baseline call limit and bandwidth limit are reached, normal calls are not admitted, but additional HPC are allowed up to the configured percentage value. (default=10)