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The EMS supports establishing a Transport Layer Security (TLS) connection with the SS8 intercept server and executes the necessary authentication procedures to bring up the encrypted transport connection. The EMS supports lawful Intercept (LI) target provisioning over TLS as the SS8 delivery function communicates using this interface. EMS enables CALEA Intercept Access Points (IAP) to support multiple (two instances) regionally deployed SS8 Delivery Function systems. 

The SBC acts as I-SBC (Interconnect-SBC) to provide peering between IMS network and other peering networks (CDMA, business, and other service providers). The SBC interfaces with two XCIPIO mediation servers. Any of these mediation servers can provision the network elements deployed in the network. Network elements expose provisioning, call data and/or call content interface towards these mediation servers for legal interception. This feature supports only Audio media type which can be intercepted.

The Lawful Intercept solution includes two interfaces between the network element and mediation server that provide provisioning, call data (signaling), and call content (media) information.

Encrypting LI Information between S-SBC and M-SBC

The SBC supports encryption of communication of Lawful Intercept data between PSX to S-SBC and S-SBC to M-SBC over the network.

LI Alarm

For more information on Lawful Intercept alarms, refer to Lawful Intercept Alarms for SBC SWe Cloud.

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