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A profile allows you to create a specific set of characteristics different from the standard SBC defaults. When defining a new instance, for example, you can then use the profile to set the values as you would like them.

Profiles are referenced by other configuration objects throughout the system, and are a means of sharing the same configuration values among multiple object instances.

When using the "show" command to view particular profile attributes, be sure to include the profile name in the command to avoid syntax errors.

Example show command to view ingressIpAttributes:

% show profiles signaling ipSignalingProfile DEFAULT_SIP ingressIpAttributes 
flags {
    sip181Supported                        disable;
    sip182Supported                        disable;
    mapCalledPartyCategoryInPSigInfoHeader disable;
    noSdpIn180Supported                    disable;
    registrationExpiresinExpiresHeader     disable;
    send183OnInitiatingDisconnectTreatment disable;
    sendSdpIn200OkIf18xReliable            disable;
    sendSdpInSubsequent18x                 disable;
carrierInformation {
    generateTerminatingCa  disable;
    generateTerminatingCic disable;
[ok][2013-06-22 15:45:04]


The following profile types are described in this section:


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