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The following table lists the key SBC Core features.

Table : SBC Core Key Features




  • Stand-alone system platforms
  • HA system platforms
  • Includes an Embedded Routing Engine (ERE), performs DNS, ENUM lookups
  • Supports IPv4, IPv6, IPv4/IPv6 interworking, SIP, H.323, GW-GW, SSH, SNMP, NTP, RTP/RTCP, FTP, UDP, TCP, DNS, and ENUM.
  • Packet-to-packet call flows (B2B UA)
  • Extensive SIP signaling and session handling
  • Media relay and transcoding with pinhole control
  • Local storage
  • DoS protection
  • Crypto functions (IPsec, TLS, SRTP)
  • Transparency Profile (Refer to SBC SIP Transparency Implementation Guide)


  • Integrated routing
  • Embedded Routing Engine (ERE)
  • DIAMETER+ queries to optional external centralized PSX Policy/Route Server with or without internal ERE fallback

(Refer to Routing and Policy Management)

Robust Security

(Refer to Security Best Practices Guide for security best practices)

Media/Multimedia Services



Lawful InterceptRefer to Lawful Intercept for additional information.
Network Licensing

Supported by SBC SWe Cloud only in this release.

(Refer to SBC Network Licenses for Cloud Deployments)