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This feature primarily targets SBCaaS deployments and is only supported for integrated SBC (I-SBC) systems deployed in an OpenStack cloud environment. This feature is not supported in distributed SBC deployments.

For SBC SWe deployments in an OpenStack cloud environment that require two independent management ports, SBC SWe can be instantiated with a second management port. When two management ports are configured, each of the management ports supports equivalent capabilities and either port can be used for the management functions that are supported on typical deployments which have a single management port.

Similar to single management port deployments, the life cycle agent performs the IP address and route configuration for the second management port. A logical management IP address can be configured for the second management port. All default system ACLs and aggregate policers that apply to the management interface also apply to the second management port. User-defined ACLs can be configured on either management port. The second management port supports link detection configuration just like the first. Alarms and traps that apply to the management port are supported by both management ports if a second management port is implemented.  


To deploy two management ports on an SBC SWe in an OpenStack cloud environment, you must create an additional network for the second management port prior to instantiating your system. Refer to Creating Tenant Networks.  Then, when launching the SBC SWe Cloud instance you must ensure that you attach either 5 ports (deployments without port redundancy) or 7 ports (deployments implementing packet port redundancy), in contrast to the typical 4 or 6 ports. When 5 or 7 ports are attached, the last port (5 or 7) is automatically considered a second management port and renamed to mgt1

Administration and Monitoring

If you are deploying in 1:1 HA centralized mode, the name mgmtIntf2 is assigned to the mgt1 port management interface on the active instance and mgmtIntf4 on the standby instance. If you are deploying in N:1 HA distributed mode, the name assigned to the management interface for the mgt1 port is mgmtIntf2 on both active and standby instances. The port index assigned to the mgt1 management interface is 3. 

The following CLI output is an example of the values assigned to an SBC SWe Cloud system with two management ports:

admin@vsbc1 > show table system mgmtIpInterfaceGroup   (partial output shown)

                      CE     PORT  ADDRESS PREFIX                                                                                                                                                                                    
NAME       NAME       NAME   NAME  V4       V4    
mgmtGroup  mgmtIntf1  vsbc1  mgt0  -        -
           mgmtIntf2  vsbc1  mgt1  -        -              
           mgmtIntf3  vsbc2  mgt0  -        -
           mgmtIntf4  vsbc2  mgt1  -        -
admin@vsbc1 > show table system ethernetPort mgmtAdmin
vsbc1   mgt0  0
vsbc1   mgt1  3
vsbc2   mgt0  0	
vsbc2   mgt1  3