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Command Syntax

>  show status addressContext <addressContext_name> intercept 

Command Parameters

Table : Intercept Parameters

Parameter Description
callDataChannel The user configured LI Call Data Control Channel.

Call Data Channel Statistics details.

  • primaryChannelStatus – Primary channel status (inService / outOfService). 
  • secondaryChannelStatus – Secondary channel status (inService / outOfService).
  • StartSuccess – Number of successful signal starts that occurred.
  • StartFailures – Number of unsuccessful signal starts that occurred.
  • StopSuccess – Number of successful signal stops that occurred.
  • StopFailures – Number of unsuccessful signal stops that occurred.
  • CallAnswerSuccess – Number of successful call answers that occurred.
  • CallAnswerFailures – Number of unsuccessful call answers that occurred.
  • CallDisconnectSuccess – Number of successful call disconnects that occurred.
  • CallDisconnectFailures – Number of unsuccessful call disconnects that occurred.
  • ServiceInstanceSuccess – Number of successful service instances that occurred.
  • ServiceInstanceFailures – Number of unsuccessful service instances that occurred.
  • IndicationSuccess – Number of successful indications that occurred.
  • IndicationFailures – Number of unsuccessful indications that occurred.
  • KeepAliveSuccess – Number of successful Keep Alive messages that occurred.
  • KeepAliveFailures – Number of unsuccessful keep alive messages that occurred.
  • RestartSuccess – Number of successful restarts that occurred.
  • RestartFailures – Number of unsuccessful restarts that occurred.
  • RadiusAckReceived – Number of Radius acknowledgements received.
  • StartResponsesReceived – Number of signal start responses received.
  • primaryTCPChannelStatus – Status of primary TCP channel for multimedia mode interception.
  • secondaryTCPChannelStatus – The status of secondary TCP channel for multimedia mode interception.
  • DSRSuccess – Number of successful DSR messages.
  • DSRFailures – Number of unsuccessful DSR messages.


The unique global node number assigned to the SBC used by the LI server for identification purposes.

(only available with 'show table' command)


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