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This screen helps you to understand the SDP Transparency control to set the SDP Transparency State flag to transparently pass SDP information.

To View and Edit SDP Transparency

On the SBC main screen, go to Configuration > System Provisioning > Category: SIP Carrier Peering > Signaling > SDP Transparency

SDP Transparency can be checked for each Address Context, for each Zone, for each Sip Trunk Group created or for all the Address Contexts, Zones and Sip Trunk Groups created. Use the drop-down box to select the desired Address Context, Zone and Sip Trunk Group.

The Edit SDP Transparency window is displayed.


The Transparency Profile is the recommended method of configuring transparency on the SBC Core for new deployments as well as when applying additional transparency configurations to existing deployments. Do not use IP Signaling Profile flags in these scenarios because the flags will be retired in upcoming releases.

Refer to the SBC SIP Transparency Implementation Guide for additional information.


Figure : SIP Carrier Peering - Signaling - SDP Transparency



The following fields are displayed:

Table : Sdp Transparency Paramters



SDP Transparency State

Enabling this flag on both legs transparently passes SDP information. 

  • Disabled (default) 
  • Enabled

NOTE: Direct Media must also be enabled to use SDP Transparency for this call. Refer to SIP Trunk Group - Media for configuration details


Make the required changes and click Save at the right hand bottom of the panel to save the changes made.

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