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The performance statistics allows you to examine trunk group usage statistics.

These statistics are available on a real time (CURRENT) or on a historical (INTERVAL) basis. By default, the SBC Core maintains four 15-minute intervals of data, so that at any time the previous hour's data is available. However, you may configure the number of intervals and the size of the intervals on the SBC Core.

On SBC main screen, go to All > System > Interval Statistics. The Interval Statistics window is displayed.

Figure : System - Interval Statistics


The following fields are displayed:

Table : Interval Statistics parameters




Time Interval

Specifies the range of the timer interval in minutes that can be used by the configuration management for activities such as to measure the statistics of certain resources. Must be 5-60 (minutes), default is 15.


If using the EMS in your network, configure EMS PM data collection intervals for the SBC to be both:

  • Equal to or greater than the SBC intervals size, and
  • Not less than the SBC interval size multiplied by the SBC number of intervals.

Refer to Insight EMS User Guide for configuration details.

Number of Past

Specifies the range of the number of past interval that can be configured for retrieving the statistics data. Must be 1-12 (intervals), default is 4.
Max File Retention PeriodSpecifies the maximum retention period for statistics files stored on disk. The value ranges from 60 to 1440 minutes and the default value is 60 minutes.
Node IdSpecifies the EMS configured nodeID for this system to be used as part of the file name when writing the statistics to the file. The node ID is part of the file name for the PMS tar files. The default value is 0 which states as "unassigned".
Call Count Time Interval
Specifies the time interval for interval statistics of call Count data. The value ranges from 5 to 60 minutes and the default value is 15 minutes.

Make the required changes and click Save at the right hand bottom of the panel to save the changes made.


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