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This object is accessible only in SBC SWe and SWe Cloud environments.

 Use this window to view the system capacity estimates for the current system for all the SWe traffic profiles.



The capacity estimates calculated for the system are based on the specific system characteristics as well as factors that assume that performance recommendations described in KVM Performance Tuning and VNF Performance Tuning are fully implemented.

To maximize call quality (no packet drops, minimal jitter, etc.), it is recommended to run at a load rate that is 90% of the estimated capacity. 

To View the Swe Capacity Estimates

On the SBC main screen, go to AllSystem >Swe Capacity Estimate. The Swe Capacity Estimate window is displayed.

Figure : SWe Capacity Estimates


The parameters displayed are:

Table : SWe Capacity Estimate Parameters


The SWe traffic profile names.

Estimated Session CapacityEstimated number of sessions supported in the system.
Estimated Num SubcribersEstimated number of subscribers supported in the system.
Estimated CpsEstimated maximum calls per second (cps) supported in this system.
Estimated Registration CapacityEstimated maximum registrations/sec supported in this system.
Estimated Refresh Register CapacityEstimated maximum refresh registrations/sec supported in this system.
Estimated Protected PPSEstimated protected DOS pps in this system. The unit is million packets per second (Mpps).