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Beginning with SBC Core release 7.0, the SBC is configured in legacy license mode by default. The “local” and “network” options for license mode that were supported for SBC SWe in prior releases are being phased out. Options to change license mode through the CLI or EMA are no longer available as of release 7.0. Although some references to local license mode remain in documentation, the CLI, or the EMA UI, local license mode is not supported.

If your SBC SWe deployment was configured to use network license mode in a prior release, the tools to monitor and configure network-mode licensing remain available in release 7.0, but will be phased out in the future. Information needed to maintain network license mode is still provided. Contact your Ribbon Sales Representative for more information and assistance in updating your license.

To enable some SBC Core features, customers must install the associated license(s). Sonus delivers licenses to customers in the form of XML files called license bundles. A license bundle is tied to a particular SBC Core system and contains a list of features that will be enabled on that system.

The EMA License Management UI enables the installation of SBC license bundles for a managed SBC node.


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