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If you are an SBC administrative user, you have access to the Custom Workspaces window where you can create customized EMA workspaces for other users. This tool is particularly useful in defining the scope of EMA usage for non-administrative users by restricting them to certain EMA features, screens, and tools. 


  • Customized workspaces do not affect the EMA objects displayed on the left navigation panel or other tertiary navigation.
  • Permissions and roles cannot be configured with this tool. Use Workspace Settings to configure permissions for various roles and users.

To View Custom Workspaces

As an administrative user, from the SBC main screen navigate to Administration > Users and Application Management > Custom Workspaces

The Custom Workspaces window opens and lists any currently configured custom workspace settings.

Figure : Custom Workspaces

To Create Custom Workspaces

To create a new Custom Workspace:

  1. Click New Workspace on the Custom Workspace Table pane. The New Workspace page is displayed.

    Figure : New Workspace Window

  2. Enter a name for the custom workspace in Workspace Name. You will use the name to assign the workspace to users. The name should be globally unique and conform to the restrictions placed upon acceptable characters.

  3. Select the primary menus and secondary menus that you want to appear in the custom workspace and Click Save.


    Secondary menus are displayed based on the selected item in Primary Menus. For some primary menus, there are no corresponding secondary menus.


For an administrator, any modifications made in workspaces are reflected only after switching off the current workspace.

To Edit Custom Workspaces

To edit a Custom Workspace:

  1. Select the workspace from the Custom Workspace Table. The Edit Workspace page is displayed.

    Figure : Edit Workspace Window


  2. Modify the lists of primary and secondary menus and click Save

To Delete Custom Workspaces

To delete a Custom Workspace:

  1. Select the workspace from the Custom Workspaces Table.

  2. Click the delete symbol at the end of the row for the workspace.
  3. Confirm the deletion when prompted.

Assigning Custom Workspaces

Once created by an administrator, custom workspaces are added to the Workspace options available in the Workspace Settings window:

Administration > Users and Application Management > Workspace Settings

The following figure shows custom workspace options added to the list of available Workspaces. Refer to Users and Application Management - Workspace Settings for information on how to assign workspaces to users.

Figure : Custom Workspaces in Workspace Settings