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This object creates and configures a call admission control (CAC) profile providing the ability for each SIP registered or static endpoint to have individualized limits on the number of active calls and the call rate. The Extended Emergency Limit feature allows an additional configurable number of emergency calls in case the call limit quota and emergency over subscription factor quota are exhausted.

Zone name is unique across all Address Contexts.

Emergency calls are allowed even if the Call Limit is configured to 0 (Zero).

The CAC is broadly classified into the following:

  • Egress—Specifies the egress-specific call admission control configuration.
  • Ingress—Specifies the ingress-specific call admission control configuration.

To View and Edit CAC

On the SBC main screen, go to Configuration > System Provisioning > Category: Base Provisioning > Zone > Cac. The CAC window is displayed.  Use the drop-down lists to select the desired Address Context and Zone.

The Edit Cac Window is displayed:

Figure : CAC Edit Window


The following fields are displayed:

Table : CAC Parameters



Call Limit

The total number of calls allowed on this zone.

Bandwidth Limit

Specifies the maximum amount of BANDWIDTH (MaxBW) allowed per second.

Call Limit

Specifies the call limit utilization threshold value.
Bandwidth Limit ThresholdSpecifies the bandwidth limit utilization threshold value.
Bandwidth Video Threshold

Enter a threshold value (as a percentage of video bandwidth) to limit video streams to a specific bandwidth to prevent video calls consuming call bandwidth otherwise needed for audio calls.

Default value is "0" which indicates no video threshold value.

Emergency OversubscriptionThe oversubscription of resources (as a percentage) that is allowed for emergency calls.
Extended Emergency Ip LimitAdditional number of emergency calls (expressed as a numeric value) allowed if call limit and emergency oversubscription quota are exhausted. The value ranges from 0 to 40000 and the default value is 0.

Registration Limit

The number of registrations allowed on this zone.

Make the required changes and click Save at the right hand bottom of the panel to save the changes made.


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