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Chapter 1

Figure1:  SBC 5110 Rear View

Figure2:  SBC 5110 Front View

Figure3:SBC 5110 Front Panel

Figure4: SBC 5110 Front Panel



Figure5: SBC 5110 Rear Panel











Chapter2: Hardware Installation procedure



 Figure1: Universal Racking Kit Contents

Figure2: Attaching Chassis Rails and Chassis Rack Ears

Figure3: Rack Markings



Figure4: 19 Inch 4 Post Rack  





Figure5: 23 Inch 4 Post Rack







Figure6: 19 Inch 2 Post Rack





Figure7: 23 Inch 2 Post Rack




 Figure8: Attaching to ESD grounding points at the front and rear of the chassis



 Figure9: Serial port connection


 Figure 10: Management and HA Port connection




   Figure 11: Management and HA Port connection


  Figure 12: Grounding the switch


  Figure 13: AC Power


 Figure 14: Terminal connections

Figure15: Removing DC Power Supply

Figure16: Removing AC Power Supply


Figure17: Rotating White Pull Tab

 Figure18: Sliding Air Filter

Figure 19:Inserting Air Filter




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