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The performance statistics allows you to examine various usage statistics within a time interval. These statistics are available on a real time (CURRENT) or on a historical (INTERVAL) basis. By default, the SBC maintains four 15-minute intervals of data, so that at any time the previous hour data is available. The number of intervals to store and the timer interval are configurable parameters.

Command Syntax

% set system intervalStatistics
	callCountTimeInterval <5-60 minutes>
	maxFileRetentionPeriod <60-1440>
	nodeId <#>
	numOfPastIntervals <1-12>
	timeInterval <5-60 minutes>

Command Parameters

Table : Interval Statistics Parameters






5-60The time interval (in minutes) used by configuration management to measure the call count interval statistics. (default = 15)
maxFileRetentionPeriod60-1440The maximum retention period for the statistics files stored on disk (default = 60).
nodeIdN/AThis element is set by the EMS. The node ID is part of the file name for the PMS tar files. (default = 0)



The maximum number of past intervals that can be configured for retrieving the statistics data. (default = 4).



The time interval (in minutes) used by configuration management to measure the interval statistics. (default = 15).


If using the EMS in your network, configure EMS PM data collection intervals for the SBC to be both:

  • Equal to or greater than the SBC intervals size, and
  • Not less than the SBC interval size multiplied by the SBC number of intervals.

Refer to Insight EMS User Guide for configuration details.

Command Example

To display interval statistics configuration:

% show system intervalStatistics
timeInterval           15;
numOfPastIntervals     4;
maxFileRetentionPeriod 60;
nodeId                 0;
callCountTimeInterval  15;
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