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Beginning with SBC Core release 7.0, the SBC is configured in legacy license mode by default. The “local” and “network” options for license mode that were supported for SBC SWe in prior releases are being phased out. Although some references to local license mode remain in documentation, the CLI, or the EMA UI, local license mode is not supported.

If your SBC SWe deployment was configured to use network license mode in a prior release, the tools to monitor and configure network-mode licensing remain available but will be phased out in the future. Contact your Ribbon Sales Representative for more information on licensing and assistance in updating your license.



Use the licenseRequired table to specify the feature licenses that the SBC will request from the Site License Server (SLS) when the SBC is operating in a network wide license deployment.

Services enabled by a counted license can be configured with a minCount and a maxCount value. When these values are equal, the SBC requests and retains that number of licenses at the SBC irrespective of demand for the license. When the values for these fields are different, the SBC maintains the number of licenses configured in minCount irrespective of demand, and it will never request more licenses than the configured maxCount value.


This command applies only when network license mode is active from a prior release.


Command Syntax

% set system licenseRequired <feature name>
	maxCount <2-1000000, or "unlimited">
	minCount <1-256000>


Command Parameters


The minCount and maxCount parameters are not configurable for services controlled by instance licenses. These services are enabled system-wide when a single token of the feature license is present at the system

Table : License Required Parameters


<feature name> – The licensing feature name.


Use this parameter to specify the minimum number of licenses the SBC will request from the SLS to retain at the SBC (regardless of demand) when the associated license is first configured. (Default = 1)

When the minCount is set to the default value of "1", one license is requested from the SLS and retained at the SBC to verify the availability of the feature license. When minCount is configured for a service that is already active, the SBC immediately requests the additional licenses required to reach the configured minimum count. If the licenses that are present at the SBC have already surpassed the configured minimum, the SBC does not make any additional license requests.

If a configured minimum count is not available at the SLS, the alarm sonusSbxMinimumLicenseCountThresholdNotReached is raised to indicate the SBC is running below the configured minimum count for the associated license.

maxCount2–1000000, or "unlimited"

Use this parameter to specify the maximum number of licenses the SBC can request from the SLS. (Default = 'unlimited')

If the system is utilizing licenses and the maxCount is reconfigured to a value less than the licenses already in use, the SBC does not reject existing sessions using the license, and throttles new attempts requiring the license to the newly configured limit. 

If the SBC is operating above the configured threshold, the alarm sonusSbxMaximumLicenseCountThresholdExceeded is raised. This condition restricts further use of the licensed feature until the number of licenses at the SBC drop below the configured maximum.

Command Example

set system licenseRequired SBC-PSX-RTU minCount 10 maxCount 100
show details system licenseRequired
licenseRequired SBC-PSX-RTU {
    minCount 10;
    maxCount 100;


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