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EMA Cross-context Queries

The EMA provides the ability to view status and statistics across contexts. For example, it is possible to view trunk group status across all zones and address contexts.  For large configurations, however, performance may be impacted when viewing status and statistics across contexts. This is especially true for configurations with more than 20 zones.

To address this problem, Sonus provides a script to disable cross-context queries. If you experience performance issues when viewing status and statistics, run this script to alleviate this issue.

Running this script disables all cross-context functionality forcing you to specify the object context before viewing status, statistics or configuration information for an object.  For example, after running this script you will need to first select a specific address context and zone in order to view trunk group status or a list of trunk groups.

Disabling Cross-Context Queries

To disable cross-context queries, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the BMC for the SBC.
  2. In the BMC, select the Remote Control tab, then click the Console Redirection button.
  3. Launch the redirection console.
  4. In the redirection console, login using an Administrator username and password for the SBC.
  5. Enter the following command and press Enter.:

    /opt/sonus/ema/ true
  6. Log out of the redirection console and close it

  7. Log out of the BMC.

If the SBC is part of an HA pair, perform these steps on both the primary and secondary SBC.

Re-enabling Cross-Context Queries

To re-enable cross context queries, follow the steps above substituting the following command with the one in step 5:

/opt/sonus/ema/ false


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