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This object specifies a Network Time Protocol (NTP) server that supplies local time to the SBC. The reference time delivered by NTP is the source of all timestamps placed into the accounting records.

During the installation process, the NTP server and time zone information is input to the Active server only. Once the Standby server starts, this information is synced from the Active to Standby.


The SBC should receive an initial time synchronization from NTP server before accepting calls.


The SBC supports up to three NTP servers. 

Command Syntax

The following CLI syntax is used to configure NTP server at system level.

% set system ntp
	keys <key Id>
		keyType <MD5 | SHA1>
		keyValue <key value>
	serverAdmin <IP_address>
		authKey <key Id>
		maxPoll <10-17>
		minPoll <4-17>
		state <disabled | enabled>
		version <version3 | version4>
	timeZone <SYSTEM NAME>
		zone <zone>


Changing the time zone forces a restart of the SBC application, and thus cause a service outage for a few minutes. Sonus recommends changing the time zone only during a system maintenance window. Refer to Changing the Time Zone for details.

Command Parameters

Table : NTP Services Management parameters






<key Id> – NTP authentication key Identifier to obtain from NTP server, with following attributes:

  • keyType – NTP authentication key type to assign to the SBC for this <keyId>:
    • MD5 – MD-5 (Message Digest Algorithm) cryptographic hash function.
    • SHA1 – SHA-1 (Secure Hash Algorithm) cryptographic hash function.
  • keyValue <key value> – NTP authentication key value to assign to the SBC for this <keyId>.



<ip_address> – The NTP server IP address.

  • authKey <key Id> – NTP authentication key to authenticate the server (Use NTP server <keyId> configured in keys command).
  • maxPoll – The maximum poll interval, in seconds to the power of 2, for this NTP Server. The maxPoll parameter value range is 10 - 17 (1,024 seconds to 36.4 hours). (range: 10-17 / default = 10).
  • minPoll – The minimum poll interval, in seconds to the power of 2, for this NTP Server. The minPoll parameter value range is 4 - 17 (16 seconds to 36.4 hours). (range: 4-17 / default = 4).
  • state– NTP server state.
    • disabled (default) The state of the NTP server is disabled.
    • enabled The state of the NTP server is enabled.

Warning: Enabling the NTP will reset your system. You can cancel the action if you do not want to reset the system.

  • version– NTP server version.
    • version3 (default)
    • version4



Time zone configuration.

  • <system_name> – SBC system name.
  • zone – Specify the time zone where the node resides. Refer to Time Zones page.

Command Example

The following example enables NTP server version 4 at IP address, and sets time zone of the SBC system to U.S. Hawaii time.

% set system ntp serverAdmin version version4  
% set system ntp serverAdmin state enabled
% set system ntp serverAdmin authKey 6 
% set system ntp timeZone SBC01 zone us-Samoa
% show system ntp
timeZone SBC01 {
    zone us-Samoa;
serverAdmin {
    version version4;
    minPoll 4;
    maxPoll 10;
    state   enabled;
    authKey 6;