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Establish configuration to prevent a subscriber from dialing international numbers

Background Information

The initial configuration is performed with the following background information:

  • System has been assembled and software installed at the factory.
  • System is cabled together (HA) and into the customer's network.

The SBC defines the default instances for most profile objects.

The initial installation specifies the values for the following required entities:

  • Administrator account
  • Default system name
  • Two physical servers, or computing elements (CEs), with default names
  • Hardware link interfaces (ports) per server, with default names (pkt0 - pkt3)
  • Redundancy configuration
  • Management and HA interfaces IP address, net masks
  • Management Interfaces default Routes

The following procedure assumes that the management IP interfaces have already been configured as part of the SBC setup.


  1. Create a new Subscriber John Smith. Set DN to John Smith's telephone number.
  2. Create a new Class Of Service (COS) "Block International Calls".
    1. Set Call Blocking Service: enabled.
    2. Set Call Block Entry: 011* (international dial string)
  3. Associate Subscriber "John Smith" with COS created above. Set John Smith's COS reference to "Block International Calls".

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