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The SBC supports centralized mode for Cloud SBC 1:1 where the configuration is synchronized between active and standby nodes. The currently running active node supports the configuration and management of these nodes. This mode is used in the deployments where the SBC does not have EMS/Configurator support like AWS deployments. With this feature, the SBC supports replacement-based upgrade in 1:1 centralized HA mode. In this mode, one node at a time can be upgraded while maintaining the configuration intact during the upgrade process.


Before upgrading to the 7.1.0 release, update the nodes to use SSH keys using Heat Stack update when the nodes are not already using the SSH keys for access.


  • In 1:1 centralized mode, the SBC can be launched with or without EMS.
  • In 1:1 centralized mode, the CLI is accessible only on the currently running active node.
  • The standby node must be upgraded first.


The procedure of replacement upgrade for the SBC in 1:1 in HA mode is similar to the process of upgrading M-SBC instances. For detailed information, refer to the section Upgrading M-SBCs in an N:1 Redundancy Group.

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