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In this section:


TheSBC enables full interworking between transmission protocols and bridging between IPv4/IPv6 domains.

Background Information

  • The requirements specified in the section "Background Information and Dependencies" under Minimal Out-Of-The-Box Configuration are met.
  • Ports and IP Interface Groups have been configured as described in NNI: Complex route selection.
  • At the NNI/Peering edge the number of direct peers is much lower than the access edge and therefore it is much more reasonable to expect the SBC to be able to maintain simultaneous TCP connections for any peers that are using these protocols. Connections can still be dynamically established as required and are recycled if idle in order to free up resources for other users


Figure : SBC support for NNI transmission protocols

The SBC maintains separate IP/transmission stacks on either side of the call and bridges the SIP application to enable interworking across protocols and bridging across IPv4/IPv6 paths.

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