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A SIP User Equipment (UE) is registered with an Application Server (AS).

Background Information

  • The UE may belong to a public or a private network and AS belongs to a core network.
  • TheSBC is intermediary between the UE and the AS in the core network.
  • The UE is pre configured with one or more SBC addresses.
  • The SBC protects core network from harmful attacks and high traffic levels.
  • The SBC authenticates and ensures only registered subscribers or UE's access the service.
  • The SBC provides facilities for protocol repair and verification.
  • The SBC routes the UE registration request to an appropriate AS.


  • When the UE contacts the SBC and the UE is unable to authenticate with the AS, the SBC rejects the UEs request for service.
  • If the UE is able to authenticate with the AS, the SBC recognizes the UE and allocates the resources for that UE.

Figure : SIP UE Registration with AS


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