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The table sweConfigProfileSelection is used to configure provisioning limits, which contains two profiles:

  • small
  • large

Command Syntax

% set system sweConfigProfileSelection name <large | small>


Command Parameters

Table : SWe Config Profile Selection Parameters


This parameter indicates the name of the configuration provisioning profile that needs to be applied.

The options are:

  • large: Indicates the profile that is applicable to the VM RAM >=18 GiB.
  • small (Default): Indicates the profile that is applicable to the VM RAM >=10 GiB.

For definitions of large and small, see SBC Provisioning Limits.

Command Example

% set system sweConfigProfileSelection name large
The following warnings were generated:
'system sweConfigProfileSelection': To Activate the configuration profile system will be rebooted.All active calls will be lost during this process. Do you wish to continue?
Proceed? [yes,no]

Preceding warning applies to non-Cloud SWe only.

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