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Sonus seeds initial configuration in order to simplify SBC setup. After setup, the SBC provides schema-based configuration management through CLI, SNMP, NETCONF and REST API. When requested, this configuration management shows the seeded configuration plus subsequent configuration changes or additions made by the user (user configuration).

In addition, the export/import framework provides an automated way of exporting and importing configuration, but it expects a compressed tar ball as input with metadata to validate the incoming configuration. To simplify editing by users, the SBC provides a way to easily manage the configuration as plain XML files without any metadata.


user-config-info Notes

  • When you import the configuration from another installation (same or different version), the encrypted fields may not work. You must update the XML file with the plain text password to make it work.
  • When you import the configuration from a different SBC version, configurations must be manually updated to accommodate the schema changes between the versions.
  • These commands are only available to the Administrator group.


Displays the user configuration. This can be fine-grained to a specified XPath.

Command Syntax

> user-config-show
   <optional argument XPath>

Command Parameters

Table : user-config-show



<optional argument XPath>Returns all user configuration under the specified XPath.

Command Example

admin@cg171> user-config-show
<config xmlns="http://tail">
   <eventLog xmlns="">
   <aaa xmlns="http://tail">
[ok][2020-02-01 05:24:36]



When there is no modified configuration, user-config-export will not create a configuration file.

Command Syntax

> user-config-export

Command Parameters

Table : user-config-export


The user modified configuration will be stored in a file with suffix .xml under the path /var/log/sonus/sbx/config/.

NOTE: The SBC will return an error if the file name provided (appended with the xml suffix) is already present in /var/log/sonus/sbx/config/.

<xpath>N/AN/ASpecifies the XPath to be saved.


Command Examples

admin@cg171> user-config-export sbc-config.xml
User configuration saved to sbc-config.xml
[ok][2020-02-01 06:24:36]



Command Syntax

> user-config-import

Command Parameters

Table : user-config-import


The user modified configuration stored as a file with suffix .xml under a designated path.



Command Examples


admin@cg171> user-config-import sbc-config.xml
[ok][2020-02-01 07:24:36]


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