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The verifyAutoIndex parameter checks new entries added to an SBX configuration table that has an Auto Index column to make sure that the newly assigned Auto Index value does not already exist in that table. This parameter is in the admin object of the system-level configuration.

When verifyAutoIndex is configured as true, an Auto Index number is assigned to an SBX configuration table in the ConfD Database (CDB). The CDB is queried to ensure that the Auto Index number is not currently in use. The default verifyAutoIndex value is false.

  • Enable the verifyAutoIndex configuration parameter only when advised by technical support.
  • The transaction fails if the CDB already uses that Auto Index number. Retry the transaction if it fails.
  • If the verifyAutoIndex is configured as true, provisioning can slow since the CDB is queried for each item that uses an Auto Index number.


Command Syntax

Use the following command to configure the verifyAutoIndex parameter.


% set system admin <system name> verifyAutoIndex <false | true>


Command Parameters

verifyAutoIndexN/AFalseSet this flag to true to query the CDB to ensure that the Auto Index number is not in use. 
  • true
  • false (default)

Configuration Example

The following is an example of how to set the  verifyAutoIndex parameter.


% set system admin vsbcSystem verifyAutoIndex true

The following is an example of how to view the verifyAutoIndex parameter.


> show table system admin vsbcSystem verifyAutoIndex
	verifyAutoIndex true;
	[ok][2018-06-07 09:47:56]