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The SBC Core is enhanced with a new utility /opt/sonus/bin/SbcSftp with permissions -rwsr-xr-x, which allows the SBC user to securely transfer files to a remote server using the Linux shell. 

When executed, the program SbcSftp:

  • Creates the necessary Access Control List (ACL) to allow the sftp connection from the SBC linux shell to a remote server
  • Uploads/Downloads specified files to/from the remote server over a SFTP session, if the user has permissions to access the file

  • Deletes the ACL

The advantage of using SbcSftp over vanilla sftp is that SbcSftp automatically creates and deletes ACLs for accessing the remote server.

Message logs

The file /var/log/sftp.log contains messages about the following:

  • The success/failure of file transfers using SbcSftp, along with exit codes


    The exit codes are identical to the GNU Linux sftp utility - 0 for success, and 1 for failure.

  • The destination for successful uploads/downloads

Command Syntax

To use the SbcSftp program, execute the following command:

% /opt/sonus/bin/SbcSftp <remote_IP> <remote_port> <username> [upload | download] <local_SBC_path> <remote_server_path>


Enclose wildcard expressions in file paths within double quotes (""). For example:

  • <"local_SBC_path">
  • <"remote_server_path">


Do not configure ACLs to the same remote IP and port using both SBC CLI and the SbcSftp command; otherwise it causes the SbcSftp command to fail.

Command Example


To execute the commands mentioned below, you must log on to the SBC as linuxadmin.


To upload the file /var/log/sonus/sbx/evlog/1000004.ACT from the local SBC to the /tmp/ directory of the remote server (using TCP port 22):

% /opt/sonus/bin/SbcSftp 22 user upload /var/log/sonus/sbx/evlog/1000004.ACT /tmp/


To download the file /home/linuxadmin/script.cli from the remote server to the /tmp/ directory of the local SBC (using TCP port 22):

% /opt/sonus/bin/SbcSftp 22 user download /tmp/ /home/linuxadmin/script.cli