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This section describes the operational flow for instantiating SBC SWe deployments on OpenStack using Heat templates.

Downloading the SBC SWe Software Package

Download the following software packages:

Software Packages

Refer to the latest release notes for the name of the .qcow2 file needed to instantiate SBC SWe on OpenStack.

Sample Heat Templates for SBC SWe

Ribbon provides example Heat template files for different types of SBC deployments. Refer to these examples as you develop a Heat template to use when instantiating an SBC instance. Refer to the latest release notes for details on how to obtain the sample template files.

Pre-Instantiation Requirements of OpenStack

Software requirements and recommendations for instantiating SBC SWe.

Creating an SBC SWe Cluster

If you are deploying SBC nodes in a cluster that will be managed by an Insight EMS, use the EMS GUI to create the cluster object. Refer to SBC SWe Configuration Management for additional information on clusters and configuration management options.

Instantiating SBC SWe on OpenStack using Heat Templates 

An overview of developing Heat templates and information on the parameters in them, including metadata and userdata information.

Modifying SBC Cluster Configuration

For clustered deployments, procedures for accessing the CLI or the SBC Configuration Manager GUI to configure the SBC nodes.