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The documentation wiki contains both publicly available and restricted content. Restricted materials are reserved for Ribbon Customers and Partners with Ribbon Support Portal access.

If you do not have an account, please register as a Ribbon Customer or Channel Partner.


Getting Started

SBC Core architecture, key features, product specifications, supported headers and standards, routing and policy management, and how to get started quickly.

SBC Core Hardware Installation Guides

Comprehensive guides to installing and commissioning the SBC Core platform:

Configuring SBC SWe

Additional configuration information applicable specifically to SBC SWe deployments.

Sonus Product Interoperability Testing

Operations and Troubleshooting

Operational details such as how to use the EMA GUI, Command Line Interface and REST API to configure the platform. Troubleshooting tools and details such as alarms, traps and using the SSReq tool to simulate provisioning requests.

Features Guides

The SBC Core Features Guide describes key SBC capabilities of both hardware-based SBCs and virtualized SBC SWe. The SBC SWe Features Guide provides additional information for SBC SWe deployments.

FAQs and Tips

Tips and solutions to frequently asked questions about the SBC Core.

SBC Releases

SBC Core release information.

SBC Open Source Licenses

Link to page with live link to PDF.

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