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SS7 Applications Guide 1

This guide provides instructions for provisioning the Sonus Signaling Systems and describes tasks such as configuring the time division multiplexed (TDM), Serial, and ATM interfaces, SS7 linksets and links, routesets and routes. The guide also provides information about obtaining data measurements for the system, Global Title Translation (GTT), linksets and links, routesets, and the Signaling Gateway (SG) compiled at specific time intervals.

SS7 Applications Guide 2

This guide provides descriptive and procedural information for the Signaling Gateway (SG), Signaling Connection Control Part (SCCP), Gateway Screening and MSU Tracing (GWST), Global Title Translation (GTT), Point Code Emulator (PCE), and Integrated Monitoring Feed (IMF), and Intelligent Network Application Protocol Gateway (INAPGW) applications.


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