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If the system cannot be accessed from any IP address through SSH or Web, perform the following steps.

  1. Ping each CPU address.

  2. Connect the console to each Management CPU.

  3. Log in as root.

  4. At the prompt, enter ifconfig

    The Management IP should be on eth0.3 for the first Management CPU and on eth1.5 for the second Management CPU.

  5. If the output is as expected, continue to step 6. If not, configure the Management IP address.
    • At the prompt, enter startmenu.
    • Select System
    • Select IP Networking
    • Select Configure Network Interfaces
    • Select Management Network.
    • Enter the information as required.

  6. At the prompt, enter route

    If the default gateway route is in the command output, continue to step 7. If not, reconfigure the management IP address as described in step 5.

  7. At the prompt, enter ping<IP of default gateway>

    If there is no response to the ping, there may be a networking or configuration issue.

  8. If the issue is not resolved, contact Customer Support (refer to Customer Support Information).


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