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This guide provides instructions for upgrading the Sonus Signaling System software as follows:

  • Release 10.x.y, 11.x.y and 12.x.y to 12.7.0 complete software upgrade using the card-by-card software upgrade method 
  • Release 12.7.0 to 12.x.y, 11.x.y, and 10.x.y rollback using the express software rollback method


 Do not log onto the system using the shared IP addresses on the Management CPUs during the upgrade process described in this section. These addresses are disabled as part of the upgrade process.


When establishing an SSH session for software upgrade, do not use a looped SSH session. For example, if you started an SSH session on slot A make sure to execute the upgrade on slot A (referred to as direct login).

Do not log into other slots from slot A and execute the upgrade on those slots.

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